OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am a general practitioner, comfortable treating most issues.  Most people respond well to acupuncture. Traditional Japanese Acupuncture is particularly suited to those who are uncomfortable with strong needle stimulus, or are fatigued or otherwise weakened. I have helped a wide variety of complaints, so the following examples are not exclusive.

Most kinds of pain respond to treatment – headache, migraine, back pain, neck and shoulder pain, arthritic pain, and inflammatory conditions such as bursitis or tendonitis.

Conditions that are aggravated by stress  respond well – anxiety, mild depression, insomniafatigue,  dermatitis, dysmenorrhea (PMS) and perimenopausal problems.

If the immune system is overactive or under active, acupuncture helps re-establish balance – allergies, hay fever, recurrent colds, sinusitis, wheezing or asthma.

Gastric problems – gastritis, nausea, acid reflux, difficulty swallowing, Barretts Esophagus get better when qi circulation is adjusted.

Acupuncture is useful in aiding recovery from surgery or aggressive medical treatment that leaves the body weakened. It is useful to ameliorate the side effects of chemotherapy.

Experience with martial arts training led me to familiarity with treating trauma – sprains, strains, bruises, broken bones.

Infertility is often related to insufficient blood and/or qi. My treatment style is especially suited to supplementing, building the reserves needed to conceive.

 Pediatric treatment without the use of needles for allergies, asthma, colic, ear infections, ADHD, Chiari malformation. I am trained in Shonishin, Japanese pediatric acupuncture.

Treatment reduces the effort needed to maintain homeostasis; it makes things easier. If you are anxious, tense, tired of pain, or just worn out you will appreciate this.