About Vital Directions

Thomas J. Hurrle

I first studied Oriental healing techniques, dietary therapy and shiatsu massage in 1972 with the Macrobiotic teacher Michio Kushi. My studies have also included  Yoga, Qigong, internal martial arts and several forms of meditation.  Recently I have the good fortune to study Taoist Qigong with Eva Wong and to be a member at Ancient Dragon Zen Gate.

I graduated from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, and am a Diplomate of Acupuncture, National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine [NCCAOM]. I teach at Pacific College of Health Sciences in Chicago, and teach professional development classes in Japanese acupuncture. Since 1997 I have focused exclusively on developing the art of acupuncture based on palpation.

I hold a certificate from the Toyohari Association, Tokyo, Japan for completion of a course in that delicate style of Traditional Japanese Acupuncture. I have studied in seminar with senior Traditional Japanese Acupuncture practitioners, including Shudo Denmai, Masakazu Ikeda, Junji Mizutani, Aikizo Okada, Michioshi Baba, Sorimachi Dai-ichi, Tanioka Masanori, Stephen Brown, and Shoji Kobayashi. These studies include a generous portion of hands on training in palpation and needle technique.

My acupuncture experience in Chicago includes work in a hospital-based Integrative Medicine Center, in a geriatric medicine office, and in my home office. In the first two  locations I gained experience treating those undergoing cancer therapy as well as other conditions associated with aging.

When treating an acupuncture point, it is important that there be a sign of effectiveness; this is called the arrival of Qi. A classic description of the arrival of Qi is: “It is as though the wind has blown away the clouds, exposing a clear blue sky”. This image conveys an important benefit of my acupuncture: a relief from oppression, a sense of clarity, a feeling of well-being.