Something unusual: I am present and working with you during the entire treatment. You may well have a little snooze while I work, but I am focused entirely and only on you during our session. I practice Traditional Japanese Acupuncture. I use very fine needles [.12mm-.18mm diameter], insert them mostly into the skin or subcutaneous tissue, [1mm-4mm], and often remove the needles in a few seconds. I also use moxibustion, a technique for warming acupuncture points. NOTE: treatment without insertion of needles is an option.

The core of a treatment is always the ‘root treatment’. Its goal is to supplement the acupuncture channels of deep internal organs [kidney, liver, lung, spleen] and uses 2 or 3 “Transport” points. 1-4 other acupuncture points are used to harmonize or reduce energy in other acupuncture channels. This tends to normalize the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. It is profoundly relaxing; it promotes homeostasis [harmony and efficiency in our organism]. The effect of each point used in the root treatment is assessed attentively. Pulse character, skin color and tonus are expected to improve. Treatment of presenting symptoms follows the root treatment.

Tense, debilitated or chronically ill people find this treatment restorative and useful in maintaining their health. Utter absence of side effects is a key characteristic. Also, every treatment is a facial beauty treatment! Lines in the face relax, color improves, and an inner glow arrives.