How many treatments are required?

Your general state of health, your lifestyle, and the problem’s duration influence the number of treatments. An otherwise healthy person may require just a couple of sessions.┬áConditions that have endured for months or years usually take more.

I find that those who are sensitive to changes in their body/mind respond quickly. The sensitivity comes many ways: athletic endeavor, meditation practice, and prolonged mental or physical discomfort are examples. Children are naturally sensitive and do respond well.

With difficult problems, results should be evaluated after five treatments; it should be clear that some things are improving. In some cases, no more are needed. With chronic problems longer treatment is often needed.

Usually treatments are weekly, though more often is good for acute symptoms. When the initial complaint is better, treatment may be less frequent – biweekly, monthly, quarterly. The goal is to maintain the pattern of health acupuncture helped create. Treatment when your complaint is not active prevents recurrence.